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Round Robin Rules

Round Robin Rules as of 2009-11-01:
  1. Games are Back Gammon or Nack Gammon for 1pt, or more, cube allowed.
  2. A player must invite all the players above him using the links in his row.
    The opponent must first acknowledge this match on DailyGammon before the link is turned into a P.
    You are reminded when this match was last invited and by which player.
  3. For a finished game you get the following points
    • Lose: 0.0 pt
    • Win : 1.0 pt
  4. What is being calculated
    • a score count: the number of Win points
    • a tie count: the sum of the score count of the players you defeated
  5. Who will be the winner of the tournament?
    From the players with the highest score we look at
    1. the tie count
    2. the matches of the players against each other
      we apply the above rules to the matches of the players in the tie.
    If we still have a tie, we play a Play-off tournament with the above rules.
  6. Players who do not finish all matches will be resigned and so will all there played matches.
  7. Players who resign multiple tournaments are removed from playing at DGat.
  8. In case of missing rules the tournament director will make the decision.