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Double Elimination Rules

Double Elimination Rules as of 2010-06-01:
  1. The tournament is played according to a bracket.
  2. Games are Back Gammon or Nack Gammon for 1pt, or more, cube allowed.
  3. First players join the tournament and wait till the tournament starts.
  4. When the tournament starts all players are seated at random.
    Some players get a Bye match (free win) if not enough players.
  5. When a match is ready to invite, the top player receives a Quick Message.
  6. The player that receives the invite QM must invite the other player for the given game using the link.
    The opponent must first acknowledge this match on DailyGammon before the link is turned into a P.
    You are reminded when this match was last invited and by which player.
  7. If you lose a match you play against other players that lost 1 match.
  8. If you lose 2 matches you are out of the tournament.
  9. When you resign the tournament you lose the current game and you are replaced with a Bye player.
  10. Who will be the winner of the tournament?
    If there is only one player that has at most lost 1 match is the winner.
  11. Players who resign multiple tournaments are removed from playing at DGat.
  12. In case of missing rules the tournament director will make the decision.